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Clearly, you’re looking a paying at least 25,000 for a full-day wedding package including gatecrashing, solemnisation and banquet… which really explains how engaging a bridal studio to provide an all-in package including makeup, gowns, suits AND photography for 45,000 means you shouldn’t expect much from your photos.
If you’re on a budget but still want great photos, your best bet would be to skip extras like the photo albums and abandon all thoughts of having an expensive overseas prewedding shoot. It’s much better to have a great photographer take pictures locally than have a crappy one provide all sorts of extras.
Obviously, there’s no way to scientifically determine the value of one photographer over another. You either like a photographer’s style or you don’t, and no matter how cheap that 350 photographer might be, if his pictures are even worse than a 16 year old blogger’s Instagram account, why even bother?
Our advice is to look through portfolios, shortlist a couple of photographers whose styles speak to you and then see which ones are within your budget..

DK Digital Studio is the right choice for you to capture your life’s beautiful moments and keep it fresh with you forever as the enthralling memoirs of your life..




Website Shoot

Marriage Digital Photo & Video

Taking photographs of individuals when they have no clue that you’re doing it is called authentic photography. One of the wonders of photography is having the capacity to catch somebody in the demonstration. It adds life to your photos.

Business Portrait Photography

Business Portrait Photography or Professionally photographed business head shot or portrait must reflect your corporate image and brand to your target market.

Family Portrait Photography

Spending Time with Family is always heavenly moment. Family Portrait is a gift that lasts forever. Our Well experienced Portrait Photographer capture the expression while you spending with family. That always makes you feel better when you see it.

Kids Photography

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. And we are here to capture it all. We specialise in Baby Portraits.


We specialize in family ceremonies and our images are living memories for years to come.